“I Am Many” Project

In fall 2015 I thought up the idea of being photographed as both feminine and masculine versions of myself. I wanted to pay homage to the dichotomy I carry inside, to acknowledge those parts of myself as individuals and let them play. I was particularly nervous to let my masculine self shine, and it turned out to be a powerfully freeing exercise for me.

After Mercia took photos of me, she referenced this line from a Walt Whitman poem, “I contain multitudes”. This struck a chord with me: we all contain multitudes. We are large, we are more than what we might show in a given moment, we can even contain selves that seem contradictory.

I want to continue exploring the idea that we all contain dichotomies. I want to create space for you to share parts of yourself that you keep hidden and are ready to let out, parts you have been itching to show for a long time, or parts you never realized you had until this moment. I want to give two different versions of yourself individual attention, then juxtapose them together to show their relationship.

Want to join me?

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