The End of the Earth

Finisterre, the end of the eart

The final 88km (3 days) from Santiago de Compostela to Finisterre (also know as “the end of the world”) tested my resolve more than any other part of the Camino. The determination I had felt on the way into Santiago dissolved as we celebrated completing the walk with our Camino family. Three of us had stubbornly decided to continue walking to the coast, while the other four opted to drive there and have more time for enjoying themselves. I do not blame them for this decision in the least. Continue reading “The End of the Earth”

Into Santiago de Compostela

Celebrating reaching Santiago de Compostela after 800km of walking

The final days leading into Santiago de Compostela were filled with excitement, until the last night when it registered that our quirky group would be parting ways soon. For the first time I also imagined I would miss walking every day. Given the amount of pain our feet have been in this is a little astounding, but I know the daily lounging sessions wouldn’t have been nearly as satisfying without having worked for them first. Continue reading “Into Santiago de Compostela”