Photo by Mercia Moseley

My name is Hannah.
I am a photographer and a Photoshop ninja,
an outdoor adventurer and a musician,
a lifelong resident of the gorgeous Pacific Northwest.

Nearly every day I marvel at my luck
getting to live in this perfect convergence of sea, trees and mountains.
With its islands shrouded in mist,
clear lakes in granite basins,
high peaks and dark and mossy forests…
it is no wonder I believed in magic when I was a kid.

Maybe I still do…

When I’m not peering through a lens or editing photos,
I am cycling, playing ultimate frisbee or hiking in the mountains.
I am teaching photography to youth and helping them express themselves.
I am playing marimba with my band or playing nerdy board games with friends.
On a stormy day, I love curling up on the couch with a cup of tea,
some knitting and a good audiobook,
or daydreaming about where in the world I might travel next.

The list of places I want to experience grows every day.
I am forever humbled and inspired by the beauty of this planet
and most of all the incredible humans who live here.

Photography was my very first love.
It is the tool I use to journal and process this amazing thing called life.
When my photographs turn out beautifully and move you that is all I could ask for.

I Am From

I am from puzzles, from Legos and towering pillow forts.
I am from tall douglas firs, from alders with paper white bark and twinkling leaves.
I am from playing tetherball after dinner and drumming fingers on counter tops in rhythm.
I am from scraped knees, hanging upside down in trees, and climbing over the hot black roof of my garage.
I am from riding the ferry boat and building fairy houses.
I am from the peppermint candies my grandfather had stashed away, from the cantaloupe that was my cat’s favorite food.
I am from You can be whatever you want to be and This too shall pass.
I am from going to Sunday School just for the cookies.
I am from the island, steamed broccoli and scrambled tofu with turmeric.
I am from the worn blanket called “bunkie” that I could not sleep without.
I am from the photos of friends taped to my bedroom walls.
I am from Follow your yes and Go deeper, from keeping eyes and heart wide open.

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