This is Jumanji

This is JumanjiFrom the “I Am Many” project.

Reflections from Jumanji:

“I’ve noticed that I fluctuate between ultra feminine and more masculine instead of settling down somewhere in the middle. Although I am comfortable with who I am, my mood and the group of people I find myself with tends to dictate the side I choose to show. It’s a more extreme version of getting gussied up for a nice dinner and then wearing sweatpants and a loose T-shirt around the house. Sometimes wearing men’s clothes feels safer and more powerful. People tend to mess with me less and talk to me about more intellectual topics. Other times I just want to be admired or feel sexy. Perhaps the best version would be a combination of the two: a feminine woman dressed seductively who is both appreciated for her lewd and abrasive humor, and more than capable of engaging in rational and thoughtful conversations. In my experience, the two don’t usually blend well so I find ways to alternate between these ‘contradictory’ sides.”


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