Down to Double-Digits


Yesterday we cracked 100 kilometers! It is a strange feeling to think back on the beginning of our journey when we could hardly fathom walking this epic distance of 800 kilometers. And now here we are, 4 weeks and 700 kilometers in, still hurting like hell and still laughing through it with our Camino family.

Over the last few days we have seen a significant change in scenery as we get further into Galicia, from dry and flat to mountainous and wonderfully lush. I love seeing the change in village style too, from red roofs back to old grey stone. The views from the mountains have been spectacular, even though at times I forget to enjoy them because my feet are hurting or I am hungry or I am too hot or any myriad of excuses. Isn’t that just how life is sometimes though? I have been reminding myself to enjoy right now even when my body is doing it’s best to thwart my efforts.

I have moments of worrying that I have not spent enough time reflecting or writing thoughts down so I won’t forget them. And then I remind myself to trust that whatever I get out of this is what I’m supposed to get. Whatever I remember, that is the most important thing for me to remember. Sometimes letting go allows for more clarity.

Foncebadon → Ponferrada – 26km

Ponferrada → Villafranca – 25km

Villafranca → O’Cebreiro – 30km

O’Cebreiro → San Mamed del Camino – 36km

San Mamed del Camino → Portomarin – 26km

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