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Santo Domingo –> Belorado – 22.4 km

After a few very long days, this lovely “short” walk felt like a dream for our bodies and spirits. Having eaten dinner with and gotten to know a few folks at the hostel in Santo Domingo, we picked up with a gal from Tasmania, Cat, for the walk to Belorado. Our new friend has been traveling the world for the past 13 months and has an absolute wealth of stories to tell. You can check out her travel blog here. She’s been all over!

The three of us played many a word game to pass the time as we walked, and the day went by quickly and in much better humor than the previous few. We arrived in Belorado in high spirits, and found ourselves in the best albergue we have experienced yet. It had a pool, a grassy yard for lounging in, and served a truly spectacular dinner. We bummed around in the sun for ages, and it was just what the doctor ordered for our battered and blistered feet.

Side note: today we passed the 200km mark!

Belorado –> Atepuerca – 30km

We started the morning with the albergue breakfast, which like the rest of our experience there was spectacular. We walked with Cat again, and the day passed in no time as we swapped stories and played more games. We took plenty of coffee and food breaks, which is an awesome part of walking the camino, though it nearly cost us a bed. Luckily we found some of the last beds in Atepuerca, tucked in a tiny albergue up the hill from the center of town. Phew! Though the feet are improving, 30km still left them feeling pretty banged up and the idea of continuing on was not inviting.

Factoid: Atepuerca is the site of the earliest human remains discovered in Europe.

Atepuerca –> Burgos – 20km

Will, Cat and I opted to get up before sunrise for this shorter jaunt into the city of Burgos, to beat most of the heat. Instead of heat though, we found ourselves caught in a bit of a downpour 10km outside of Burgos. Will and I had opted to book a hotel for 2 nights to have a rest day and a break from sharing rooms with dozens of people. As we squelched into the city, we happily anticipated the warm shower we would have no competition for!

Over the last few days we have formed a family of sorts with friends we have only know for a few days but feel like we’ve known for years. We went out for drinks and had a big hoorah with them, knowing we might not catch them again because of our rest day. Though I am hoping we can do a couple longer days and see them again sometime next week!

Spending time with these open, genuine people has truly been the best antidote to pain.

Wil says, “The Camino is a place where total strangers from around the world sit down to dinner and talk about their blisters.”

Rest day in Burgos – very few km

Today Will and I had a lazy breakfast at a plaza cafe, and then visited the epic Burgos cathedral. It is jaw-droppingly enormous and ornate, and imagining the resources and decades of work that went into it blew our minds.

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