Tattered, mushy bits of flesh that used to be feet…


For the first few days of walking, our muscles were sore and we were tired. This type of pain and fatigue is pretty familiar, like the 3rd day of an ultimate frisbee tournament or a several day backpacking trip.

For the last couple days though, we have been experiencing a new kind of pain. Muscles no longer ache like they do after a workout. Everything just…hurts. Our feet in particular radiate a very unique kind of pain up the legs. It’s really something! We play word games to distract ourselves when it gets really bad. Sometimes I find myself laughing hysterically at how much it hurts, because what else can you do when you have to keep walking through it?

Aside from yesterday, which was a truly unpleasant day, it has been so enjoyable to walk through the vivid greens and reds, and to talk with people from all over the world. Each night we have dinner with other pilgrims, discussing everything from life passions to movies to politics. I forget sometimes that people from all walks of life, of all ages, come up against the same big questions, like “what do I truly want to be doing in my life?” Our nightly talks with strangers who quickly become friends remind me that most of us want the same things in life, regardless of where we come from.

Tonight we are in Santo Domingo in a 200 bed albergue, preparing to cook dinner with a group of pilgrims. Tomorrow we walk on to Belorado!

Pamplona –> Lorca – 37 km

Lorca –> Los Arcos – 30 km

Los Arcos –> Logrono – 28 km

Logrono –> Nejera – 29 km

Was in far too much pain to take photos!

Nejera –> Santo Domingo – 21 km

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