Today is my final day of being in my twenties. It has been a seriously action packed decade. How much I have learned! Mostly that I have a lot more to learn…

These are the memories that popped into my head for each year. I also indulged myself in a trip down Facebookmemorylane and found some photos I haven’t seen in years. Such fun!

Thirties, here I come!

20 – Learned how to push/pull black&white film, print in color and do crazy things in Photoshop at the Photographic Center Northwest. Lived largely on cabbage, chicken broth and eggs. Broke a heart for the first time. Had my heart broken. Lived on Capitol Hill and didn’t really like it. I can find zero photos from age 20 – must have been before I was on Facebook!

21 – Went to Zimbabwe for the first time, not realizing it would change the course of my life. Made my last cup of coffee as a barista and never looked back. Brought Bongo Love to the United States and toured with them. Watched Bongo Love perform at Madison Square Garden and felt more proud than I ever had in my life.

22 – Biked from Washington to California. Started school at Evergreen. Remembered I like to play ultimate frisbee. Met Will!

23 – Started dating Will! Lived in the darkroom at Evergreen. Visited Hawaii for the first time. Played more ultimate frisbee. Panicked about money more than once. Was a Zilla at Power of Hope for the first time. Will and I went on our first road trip together.

24 – Lived in the darkroom more. Nearly lost my hair writing 200 pages about working with Bongo Love to get school credit for “real life learning”. Got by on food stamps and teeny tiny work study income. How, I have no idea. Spent all extra income on frisbee tournaments.

25 – Graduated from Evergreen. Got my first corporate job with zulily, retouching, designing and shooting product photos. Lived in Redmond. Regularly snuck homemade popcorn, mixed drinks or full meals into the movie theater. Started playing nerdy board games and made some awesome new friends. Lived on Capitol Hill and liked it a lot.

26 – Started working as a retoucher for Nordstrom. Went as Daenerys Targaryen for Halloween (wish I had a photo of this!). Visited Australia! Performed at HIFA in Zimbabwe. Played Puerto Rico for the first time, won handily, and decided it was my favorite game. It’s still my favorite game.

27 – Will and I got engaged! Ran my first half marathon. I made Underground, and played more ultimate frisbee than I ever have or likely ever will again. We moved to Ballard. Had my first taste of chronic pain with a bulging disc in my back. Drained my savings with medical bills. ‘Merica!

28 – Will and I got married! Chopped off my hair. I quit my job at Nordstrom to become a full-time freelance photographer. Spent a summer documenting hikes in the cascades for Outdoor Project. Backpacked solo for the first time. Made plenty of mistakes and learned a shit load from them.

29 – Finally got to start playing frisbee again! Got shingles. Went to Mexico on the best vacation ever. Learned (learning) a ton about running a business, marketing and what I want my life to be. Ran my second half marathon. Panicked about money more than once. Backpacked the Enchantments. Hiked the Enchantments in a day. Backpacked more. Had my heart blown by Power of Hope once again. Backpacked more. Road tripped to California. Backpacked in Yosemite. Visited New Orleans for the first time. Saw Seth Green (Oz!!!) in a bar in New Orleans. Ran my first full marathon. Wrote this blog post.

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