Backpacking at Young Lakes in Yosemite

Last week I drove down the coast to visit friends and family in Oregon and California. To finish off the trip I spent a weekend backpacking in Yosemite with my buddy Adam, and what a journey it was!

It began with a 6 hour drive from wine country to the park that ended at 3am – I may have missed some turns. After a few hours of sleep in a friend’s kickass cabin in the woods, we began our trek into the backcountry.

Our trailhead began at around 8000 feet, and man could I feel it. I consider myself to be relatively in shape, and I was still huffing and puffing like I have never run or hiked a day in my life. Even the gentlest incline made my heart hammer in a matter of seconds. It was rather humbling!

How beautiful the hike was though. The scenery in Yosemite is otherworldly, with white mountains like giant smooth boulders, scrubby tundra-like alpine meadows and sandy beaches at 10,000 feet. I honestly felt like I was on hallucinogens, from the lack of oxygen and the stunning colors and textures surrounding us.

The photos say the rest.

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