Backpacking the Ozette Triangle

Over Labor Day weekend Will and I headed to Ozette for a relaxing backpacking trip. We spent the first night at Cape Alava, which has beautiful rock formations to explore, and is also a little gross due to the seaweed piled high all over the beach. It rained that evening, and we made the best of it drinking hot tea and bundling up in our tent. Not a bad life, actually!

Day two we packed up and headed down the coast at low tide, leaving behind a dead shark and lots of clambering sand fleas. I won’t lie, I was pretty happy to leave behind all the seaweed.

We hiked a fun few miles on the beach, picking over rocks, slithering under fallen trees and discovering just how waterproof my hiking boots are. Very, it turns out!

Once we arrived at Sand Point, we set up camp in the woods and spent the afternoon simply messing about on the beach. The huge, gloriously seaweed-free beach. And on a warm, sunny day… what else could a person want? An inordinate amount of food, you say?! Oh yes, we brought that too.

What a wonderful little jaunt on the coast!

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